Thursday, April 12, 2012

A new project.... Teen Cutie Contest

So I've noticed a ton of Facebook contests where girls share pictures but there isn't a prize. So i decided to create one with a prize. I started out with a small Amazon gift card but noticed how big it is starting to get so fast so decided on something even better. I'm giving away this camera plus accessories.

We are creating a website called Teen girls will be able to submit pictures to themed rounds. Each round will have a prize. Girls will also be able to earn points towards prizes as well. Guys will be able to join for free but will have to pay a small fee to vote in all the rounds. Guys will also be able to buy signs made by girls. We will have more enticing rounds to bring in guys, while keeping everything safe for our girls. This will in turn provide for our prizes.

So anyone who wants to be the first to know about our new site go sign up with your email at

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