Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teen Modeling Questions

So some different questions come up a lot when i talk to girls about becoming models, so i thought i'd answer some.

How much do i need to pay?
They pay you, you don't have to pay for anything not even travel, they take care of that as well.

Do i need a modeling agency?
No you do not need one. Modeling agency's usually want a cut of the money you'd make.

I'm afraid to travel alone, what do i do?
When you travel for your first shoot your mom or other guardian will fly with you and their expense is covered.

Do teen models travel a lot?
Well during the summer trips can be about a week. Doing the other seasons trips usually are just a weekend. 

Would I make a good model?
The only way of finding out is going to apply. 

I might not be able to model for you guys but i have a friend who can.
Well for getting them to become one of our models we'll pay you $250. Have them fill out an application.

I don't have any pictures right now can i send some from last summer?
No, we absolutely need recent pictures, taken that same week. This is a must as girls appearance can change fast.

Where can i learn more about being one of your models?
Check out Jim's blog. He's the boss & photographer.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions. 

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